Change My Password

As of December 5, 2011, when you log into your library account online after you’ll be asked to change your password (formerly, your 4-digit PIN).

Please select a password that’s at least seven (7) characters long and contains both letters and numbers.

After you update your password, you’ll be able to change your password (again) and update your e-mail address online and, if you wish, to choose a username for your account other than your library barcode number. Please note that a username other than your barcode number will only work for logging into the Library catalog.

If you forget your new password, you can reset it online anytime, or visit the library or call 978-373-1586 x603 during our normal hours of operation.

Tips for Choosing a New Password

  • Select a password that is easy to remember, but difficult to guess.
  • Don’t use your mother’s maiden name, your name, your phone number, an anniversary, or date of birth.
  • A former address (99mainst) is a good example because it is more than seven characters and contains both letters and numbers.
  • Substitute numbers for letters in a word (r3ds0xf4n).
  • Use your initials, and the last four numbers of your home phone number (abc1234)
  • Never use the same passwords for email or online banking as for other websites that you log into.
  • “Password” or “1234…” are never secure password choices!

Why Do I Have To Change My Password?
Information on what materials you have checked out, on hold, etc. is private data protected by MA state law. Additional features that require us to retain more information about your use of library materials are coming, and a more secure password is necessary.