Teen Service Program

The Teen Service Program is a program offered by the Library that allows teens with fines on their library cards to work to clear those fines so they can check materials out again.

To participate in the Teen Service Program, please contact the Teen Services Librarian at 978-373-1586 or to schedule an appointment. Participants will earn the equivalent of $10/hour worked with a minimum of one hour of work required.

Important Things to Do If You Have Fees on Your Library Card

  • Talk to a Staff Member. Find out what options work for your specific situation. Your card may be easy to clear up but you won’t know until you talk to someone at the Self-Check desk.
  • Take Initiative. Staff are not going to hound you about clearing your card– the options are available to you, but only if you pursue them.
  • Don’t be Intimidated. The Self-Check desk may have to refer you to another department or librarian. Library staff want to help you clear off your card, but you have to be willing to talk to them.
  • Follow Through. If you commit to doing something, follow through with it. Staff will not going to remind you of what you need to do or nag you to get it done.


Haverhill or Bradford teens between the ages of 13 and 18 with fines or lost items on their library card may participate in the Teen Service Program.

Once the fines have been cleared from your card, you will be expected to do your best to maintain good standing with your library card. You will only be allowed to participate in this program once.

If you have an item that is over a year overdue, the first thing you should do is ask yourself: Do I know where this book is? If the answer is yes, bring the book back to the library and then all you will have to worry about is the fines on your card. If you don’t know where the book is, there are still some options available for you depending on your situation.

If the lost item belongs to the Haverhill Public Library (the staff at the Self-Check desk can determine this for you), the Self-Check desk staff can tell you who in the library you need to talk to about replacing the material. Depending on the item you lost, you may be able to bring in a replacement copy or a copy of another book that the library would like to add to the collection.

The Library Department Heads reserve the right to determine what is acceptable for their collections.

If the lost item did not belong to the Haverhill Public Library, then unfortunately you must pay for the lost item.

Who to Contact

Head of Circulation
Contact for questions regarding your account, lost items from other libraries, lost items from the adult fiction collections (including mystery, sci-fi, large print, graphic novels, and audio fiction).

Head of Reference
Contact if you have lost items from the non-fiction collections (including non-fiction audio, adult magazines, CDs, and DVDs).

Head of Youth Services
Contact if you have lost items from the children’s collection (children’s books, graphic novels, kits, DVDs, audio material, Summer Reading List books, or children’s magazines), or the teen collection (teen books, teen magazines, teen audio material, Summer Reading List books and video games).