Kindle eBook Instructions

Enjoy Library eBooks on Kindle devices and free Kindle apps 

  1. Browse 
    • Browse the “New eBooks” collection
    • Browse the “eBook fiction” collection
    • Browse the “eBook non-fiction” collection
  2. Sign in
    • Enter your 14-digit library card number
  3. Select
    • Select “Kindle Book”
    • Add to Bookbag 
    • Place a Hold (you will receive an email when the book is available for you)
  4. Checkout
    • Go to your “Digital Account”
    • Click “Bookbag”
    • Click “Proceed to checkout”
    • Select the lending period you prefer (7, 14 or 21 days)
    • Click “Confirm checkout”
    • Click “Get for Kindle” — this will bring you to
  5. Go to Amazon
    • Click “Get Library Book”
    • Sign in to your account
    • Create an account by entering your email address, and select “No, I am a new customer”
    • If WiFi is enabled, the book will be now delivered to your Kindle or Kindle app (if you don’t see it, look under Archived Items, select your title to start the download.)
  6. Download and Transfer
    • If you do NOT have WiFi enabled on your Kindle, you will be prompted to download and save the item.
    • Click “Download”
    • Save to a location where you can easily retrieve it, i.e. Desktop or Downloads folder
    • Connect your Kindle to the computer, and the Kindle will show up as new hardware – an external drive
    • Drag the book from the saved location to the Kindle and drop in the folder labelled “documents”
    • Eject your Kindle and view the eBook on your device!

Need additional help?

  •  Try “My Help” from the OverDrive website  
  • Watch an online video tutorial from The King County Library System)
  • The King County Library System (KCLS) has created some videos on how to download eBooks to your eReaders. To view additional tutorials, check out the KCLS channel at OR go to YouTube and enter the following keywords in the “Search” box: KCLS eBooks, and select the video that corresponds to your device (ex.: KCLS eBooks and Kindle)