Display at the Library

The second floor gallery at the library offers a venue for local artists to exhibit and sell their work.

Art Exhibit Procedures

The Haverhill Public Library makes available exhibit space for local artists as an extension of its mission “to serve the cultural, social, and community needs of a diverse population…” To apply for exhibit space, artists must complete and return a Request To Exhibit form and an Art Exhibit Procedures form.

At present, the exhibit area consists of 113 linear feet of wall space on the second floor of the library. The following procedures are designed to facilitate the arrangements for art exhibits.

  1. Artists should contact the director’s office to coordinate set up, removal, and publicity (373-1586, Ext. 617).  The office will coordinate these functions with building maintenance.
  2. Exhibits may be scheduled from 4-8 weeks.
  3. Library will supply “S” hooks and chains for hanging artwork. The artist will supply ladder, hooks and hangers.
  4. Artists will supply the hanging material (wire, nylon, etc.).  Under no circumstances should any material be adhered to the walls.  If there is any damage done to the wall by the artist, the library will bill the artist for any expenses incurred to repair the wall.
  5. Artists are responsible for providing information for exhibit announcements, fliers, press releases, price lists, etc. to the director’s office, as well as replenishing business cards and other information.
  6. Artists may make arrangements with the director’s office for a reception.  Beverages must be non-alcoholic, clear liquid and non-staining.  Food consumption is restricted to the gallery area.
  7. Artists are required to sign a waiver of liability for lost or damaged artwork.

Currently On Display

Haverhill Public Library is hosting an exhibit by members of the Greater Haverhill Arts Association. “Autumn Art” will feature works in varied subject matter and media – oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastel and photography.  The art on display is by GHAA members Timothy Battle, Kathleen Bennett, Barbara Brissenden, Annie Carriere, Cynthia DeSando, Rosanne Distefano, Margaret Moon Hames, Anna Teresa Hull, Ann Jones, Rebecca Jones, Susan Kneeland, Lynne Schulte LaValley, James McCarthy, Sandra Peters, Michael Rossi, Debbie Shirley, and Joan Turner. All artwork is for sale.  This exhibit will be on display through October 30.  It can be seen on the 2nd floor during regular library hours.