Teacher Resources

The Haverhill Public Library provides a variety of services to support the curriculum needs of local teachers, homeschoolers, and their students in grades PreK-12. Please feel free to request Teacher Baskets, send an assignment alert, or set up a tour or classroom visit via our Teacher Services Request form. To inquire about the availability of a specific item, please call 978-373-1586 x626 or email the youth services staff at kids@haverhillpl.org.

Teacher Cards [top]

Haverhill teachers are eligible to receive Haverhill Public Library cards in order to check out Haverhill Public Library materials for their classroom use. For more information, contact the Main Desk at 978-373-1586 x603.

Teacher Baskets [top]

A collection of library materials can be compiled for classroom use. Teacher Baskets include approximately fifteen library resources which will be checked out to the library card of the requesting teacher for three weeks.  Please complete the Teacher Services Request Form. Teacher Baskets require a minimum of one week’s notice.

Teacher Basket Policy:

  • Teachers must have a valid Library card in order to request a teacher basket.
  • Teacher Baskets will be provided for any Haverhill teacher, Haverhill residents who teach in another district, or Haverhill residents who homeschool.
  • Individuals are allowed to request a maximum of one (1) teacher basket per week.
  • Teacher Baskets are available for pick up on the day that you requested, unless we contact you with a problem.  We do not call to notify you when it is available, nor do we call to remind you it is available.
  • Teacher Baskets must be picked up within three (3) days of the requested pick up date.
  • A minimum of one (1) weeks notice is required to assemble a teacher basket.
  • Baskets will consist of 15 titles – a combination of fiction, non-fiction, and media (unless specific requests are made)

Library Tours [top]

Library tours are available upon request. Tours can be scheduled to include the entire library, or just the Children’s or Teen Departments. Tours can include an activity related to a specific assignment and/or hands on training on use of the Library’s catalog or electronic databases. Please complete the Teacher Services Request Form. Library Tours require a minimum of one week’s notice.

Classroom Visits and Hands on Training [top]

Classroom visits are available upon request. Visits can include hands on training for electronic resources such as online catalog or databases, Internet searching, booktalks, an overview of library services and library card applications, summer reading program/reading list promotion, etc.  Hands on training of the library’s catalog or databases can be held at the Library or at your school.  Please send complete the Teacher Services Request Form. Please provide  a minimum of one week’s notice.

Assignment Alerts and Resource Lists [top]

If a large number of students will be researching the same, or similar, topic the library can create a special collection of “in library use only” materials that will be set aside for your students use and cannot be checked out of the library.   The Youth Services Department is happy to provide research guides, booklists, and bibliographies to assist student research or for other classroom needs.  Please send your Assignment Alert or Resource Lists by completing the Teacher Services Request Form. Assignment Alerts require a minimum of one week’s notice.

Reference Guidance and Readers’ Advisory Services [top]

The Youth Services Department is available during library hours to assist students with finding material for research projects, and answering general questions. The Library does not provide individualize tutoring; however, we do our best to answer student’s questions about their homework.  The Youth Services Department will also provide reader’s advisory services to youth who need to read a specific type of fiction for class.

The Youth Services Department will also provide Reference Guidance and Reader’s Advisory Services for teachers looking for resources to use in their classrooms or for age and/or reading level appropriate titles for their students.  Teachers looking for an extensive booklist to be sent to them, should complete Teacher Services Request Form. Please provide a minimum of one week notice to complete your request.

Curriculum Support [top]

The Haverhill Public Library purchases books that can be used by students in grades K-12 to complete research papers and other assignments. If you find a title that you feel would be appropriate for use by your students, please notify a library staff member or complete a Request for Purchase form and we will consider adding it to our collection.

Electronic Resources [top]

The Library provides access to a variety of electronic resources.  The three resources below contain lesson plans, quizzes, project ideas, and teaching activities.

  • Scholastic BookFLIX is an online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks from Weston Woods with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic. This database is available free online through the Library’s website to anyone with a Haverhill Public Library card.
  • Scholastic FreedomFLIX brings history to life by capturing the defining moments in American history. Freedomflix contains dynamic e-books in Scholastic’s Cornerstones of Freedom series. This database is available free online through the Library’s website to anyone with a Haverhill Public Library card.
  • Scholastic TrueFLIX pairs award-winning Scholastic True Book titles with related content and primary sources featuring videos, audio, images, etc to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process. This database is available free online through the Library’s website to anyone with a Haverhill Public Library card.

Parent-Teacher Collection [top]

The Library maintains an extensive collection of resources for parents and teachers as part of our parent-teacher collection.  The Parent-Teacher collection includes resources on serving youth with special needs, curriculum development, Common Core Standards, and much much more.  The Parent-Teacher collection also includes a variety of different types of kits available for parents and teachers, including Guided Reading Kits: a collection of 5 copies of one title for group use, labeled by its Guided Reading level A-H are currently available.