Nook, Sony, & Kobo eBook Download Instructions

Enjoy Library eBooks on your Nook, Sony, Kobo, and more…

PDF Version of Nook, Sony, Kobo, Android and More… Download Instructions (Use to Print)

  1. Install Software
    • Adobe Digital Editions
    • Required software for your device (example: Sony Readers require the “Reader Library Software”)
  2. Authorize Software
    • Open Adobe Digital Editions — the “Setup Assistant” dialog box is displayed
    • Click “Continue;” the “Activation” screen is displayed
    • Under “Authorize Computer” enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID
    • If you do not have an Adobe ID, click “get and Adobe ID online” and follow the instructions. Return to the Activation screen, and enter email address and password for your Adobe ID
    • Click “Activate”
    • Click “Finish” to close the “Setup assistant” dialog box
  3. Browse
    • Browse the “New eBooks” collection
    • Browse the “eBook fiction” collection
    • Browse the “eBook non-fiction” collection
  4. Sign in
    • Enter your library card number
  5. Select
    • Select “Adobe EPUB eBook”
    • Add to Bookbag
    • Place a Hold (you will receive an email when the book is available for you)
  6. Checkout
    • Go to your “Digital Account”
    • Click “Bookbag”
    • Click “Proceed to checkout”
    • Select the lending period you prefer (7, 14 or 21 days)
    • Click “Confirm checkout”
    • Click “Download”
    • When prompted “Do you want to open or save the file?” select “Open”
  7. Transfer to your eReader
    • When you download your title, Adobe Digital Editions opens automatically
    • Connect the eReader to your computer, and follow the prompts to authorize your device.  Use the same Adobe ID as entered in Step 2.
    •  When complete, link for your reader should display under “Bookshelves”
    • You will see a divided screen.  The book cover will be on the right hand side under Borrowed
    • Drag book cover from right side over on top of the Nook icon on the left side
    • When the transfer is complete, safely eject your Nook from the computer
    • On the bottom toolbar of the Nook screen, click the “Library” icon
    • On the top toolbar, click “My Shelf” and select “My Files”
    • Click  “Digital Editions” folder
    • Click the title of the book you selected
    • Enjoy reading!
  8. Return and Delete
    Note: You do NOT have to return a book.  When the lending period is over the eBook will automatically be returned.  But for many reasons, you may want to return your eBook before the lending period is over.  To do so, follow these simple steps:

    • In Adobe Digital Editions, a little arrow will be located on the top left corner of the book. When you click it, a dropdown box will appear
    • Select “Return borrowed item” and then “Delete item”

Need additional help? Try “My Help” from the OverDrive website:

YouTube video tutorials

To view other video tutorials:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter keywords for your device in the “Search” box: eBooks, and select the video that corresponds to your device (ex.: “eBooks”and “Nook”)