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The most important thing to remember is reading shouldn’t be a chore! Young adults do a surprising amount of passive reading everyday so don’t worry too much when your teen comes home, rolls his or her eyes and says, “I don’t read books.” Teens might not find themselves trapped into reading books everyday but you can bet they flip through magazines, spend hours reading about their friends’ lives on Facebook or other social media networks and even read page after page of instructions and character bio pages while playing their video games!

It’s a new world out there and technological skills and literacies are just as important as the old standard.

If you are trying to get your son or daughter to pick up a book, sometimes finding the right book is a bit of a process. Your teen definitely needs to be an active participant in this process! The classics are great for teens that have an interest in them however Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities might not appeal to a youth who enjoys fast-paced movies, cars and video games like Need for Speed.

You can check out Novelist to try to find read alikes if you know your teen has read and enjoyed a certain series or author. Or take a look at some of the cool booklists we’ve developed for teens.

Otherwise, find books that appeal to his/her current interests! And, yes, graphic novels, comics, audio books and playaways totally count as reading too.

Resources for Parents of Teenagers [top]

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Resources for Teen Parents [top]

We have a self-help section in the Teen Zone that has a selection of books that could help you learn about sexual health and pregnancy issues. Check out the YA Self-Help collection next time you’re in the library. (Pay attention to the books by Jeanne Warren Lindsay in particular!)

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Local Reproductive Health Facilities:

Health Quarters’ Haverhill clinic health center offers high quality free or low-cost family planning and reproductive health care.

Pregnancy Care Center has been helping women make informed decisions about unexpected pregnancy.