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History Databases at HPL!

Looking to do some history research this summer? Explore various topics using two history databases that are available to HPL patrons: U.S. History in Context and World History in Context, both by Gale.

Both databases allow users to search for or browse a number of topics, including Cesar Chavez, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Salem Witch Trials in U.S. History in Context and Ancient Mesopotamia, Human Rights Movements, and Tiananmen Square in World History in Context. Users can also browse topics that relate to specific categories, such as “Court Cases and the Supreme Court” in U.S. History in Context and “Events, Periods, and Cultural Trends” in World History in Context.

A topic page includes a brief overview of the topic as well as links to sources, including reference materials, news articles, journal articles, primary sources, and more. In addition, each topic page includes links to related topic pages.

These databases are available for use here in the library, and are accessible from home with a Haverhill Public Library card number. The Electronic Resources page on the HPL website has links to these and other databases. The library also provides access to other electronic resources for folks interested in studying the past, including several genealogy and family history databases as well as the Senter Digital Archive, an extensive Haverhill history resource.

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