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Create Delicious International Dishes with AtoZ World Food

One of HPL’S many fantastic online resources, AtoZ World Food offers you a chance to take your taste buds on a trip around the world! 

Each day you’ll find a different featured country with its own unique set of recipes, food culture, and dining etiquette. Click on the “Get a Taste” button to find out more. (Doesn’t that maple-glazed salmon make your mouth water?) 


You can also explore every country’s cuisine by selecting locations on the home page map or by scrolling through the alphabetical list. There’s plenty to explore, from Argentinian Empanadas to Zambia’s Sweet Potato Pudding!

Finally, there are several browsable categories that will allow you to learn more about an abundance of ingredients, beverages, spices, and condiments. The handy Common Conversions Table is also available under the References link—this is a great printable to post on a fridge or cabinet to guide you while you’re working in the kitchen. 

So next time you find yourself in a cooking rut or want to attempt some new and exciting recipes, head over to AtoZ World Food! 

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