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Ashley reviews… Genesis Begins Again

Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Williams

Published: 2019

Age Range: Middle Grade

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Awards: Newbery Honor Book, Coretta Scott King Award, Morris Award Finalist

Ashley read Genesis Begins Again and this is what she thought…

Genesis is a 13-year-old girl trying to manage the struggles of a difficult home life and a brand new school, all while learning to find, love, and accept herself. She navigates through more than just the typical highs and lows of middle school and finds unexpected comfort and inspiration in her new music teacher’s guidance. Genesis sometimes struggles to feel confident in her own skin. We have all had feelings of insecurity and Genesis is very relatable in that way. She works hard to battle those intimidating feelings and her strength really shines through in this story. Her character inspires readers to love who they are and know that they are enough regardless of what anyone else might think.

In reading this book, I journeyed through Genesis’ emotions right alongside her. I felt the anxiety she felt starting a new school, the frustration she faced with her home life and the mean girls at school but most of all, I felt inspired by Genesis’ perseverance. The element of friendship is so powerful in this book. The relationship between Genesis and her friends is a great representation of the impact and the importance of friendship. Throughout the book, Genesis and her small circle of friends support and encourage each other, helping each of them to see how amazing they are in their own unique ways.

The main theme in Genesis Begins Again is self-esteem. The story takes you inside the mind of a middle grade girl where you get a first hand look into how she is truly feeling. A peek into her thoughts reveals the emotions that Genesis feels about herself and the world around her. I truly enjoyed this story. It addresses many of the real-life issues that most of us face in middle school, but it also opens your eyes to struggles that others might be facing alone. Genesis Begins Again is a great read and is very deserving of each award it won this year.

Who would you recommend this book to?

I would recommend this book to any middle grader looking for an inspiring read about self-discovery and self-acceptance. Genesis Begins Again is one of those rite of passage stories that I’ll be recommending for years to come.

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