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Colleen reviews… Eerie Elementary

*Summer Reading List Spotlight*

This is on the Haverhill Public School’s recommended summer booklist for Grades 2-3.

Eerie Elementary #1: The School is Alive!

By Jack Chabert and Sam Ricks

Published: 2014

Age Range: 6-8

Genre: Spooky

Colleen read The School is Alive! and this is what she thought…

Sam Graves is not excited about being hall monitor, and he is downright terrified when the school starts attacking him! Sam realizes how Eerie Elementary got its name when the lockers begin to rattle and the playground sandbox becomes quicksand. This book drew me in with the mysterious and foreboding descriptions of the school. Chabert included references to famous horror stories, like the classroom clock tick-tocking away to the rhythm of Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart. My favorite scene is when Sam’s friend, Antonio, helps him train to become a true hall monitor – defender of students and teachers alike! The illustrations are a wonderfully goofy change in tone as the two boys act out a Rocky-like exercise montage.

The main theme of The School is Alive! is responsibility. Sam is not looking forward to his new duty as hall monitor, but when disaster strikes and his classmates are in danger he rises to the occasion. I appreciated the fact that Sam was not immediately prepared for a sentient school that wanted to gobble up his friends. He is a protagonist who has to learn new skills and seek support from others to succeed.

Who would you recommend this book to?

The Eerie Elementary series are Branches books, which are beginner chapter books with illustrations. I think this series is a great option for fans of ghost stories and mysteries. It is a spooky story ideal for readers not yet ready for the terrific terrors of R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps series.

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