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“Penguin the Magpie” by Cameron Bloom

I first picked up this book because the photograph on the cover intrigued me.  When I opened the book, I found in it more amazing images of a magpie named Penguin.  No surprise since Cameron Bloom is an Australian photographer.  I left the book on the shelves, and went home.  Then I wanted to know the story behind the photography.  How did the magpie ended up in this family?

It all began when Sam, Cameron Bloom’s wife, took a near fatal fall on a family vacation in Thailand.  The fall left her paralyzed and deeply depressed.  Once back home, one of the sons found an injured magpie chick that had fallen from its nest.  The family decided to nurse Penguin back to health.  In return, Penguin’s resilience, joy and playfulness gave strength to the family and lifted Sam’s spirit out of depression.

I highly recommend this book for both the photography and for the unusual story between a family and a magpie.

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