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Container Gardener’s Handbook by Frances Tophill

No matter how small a space you may have container gardening will bring color, scent, and “fresh off the vine” food into your home. In this book, Frances Tophill guides the gardener to create a colorful, unique and long lasting garden. The beautiful photographs are inspiring and the author offers many easy to follow instructions for creating and maintaining your garden. There are many benefits to having a container garden. Containers allow you to move your plants if a location becomes too sunny, windy or you want to make a change. Containers also offer a variety of shapes, size and colors to accent your home. This book has great tips for gardening on a budget as well as ideas for recycling and transforming otherwise useless items into beautiful containers.  If you have never tried container gardening or if you are looking for some fresh ideas, this book is for you. Check it out!

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