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“Strange Practice” by Vivian Shaw

Dr. Greta Helsing is devoted to her patients, some might say to the point where it is affecting her social life. Nevertheless, she has a small number of close friends who she would do anything for, so when one of those friends asks her to drop everything and make a house call, she doesn’t hesitate.  When she gets there, she finds a gravely injured patient and almost immediately has a creeping feeling that something is very wrong.  It’s not the fact that the patient is a vampyre that gives her this feeling (she is, after all, a specialist in the field of “monsters”), it’s that he was attacked by monks who want to cleanse the world of his kind, and they may have already succeeded in killing other monsters. Now Greta and her friends are the only ones who can stop a supernatural threat that lurks beneath London before it spreads darkness across the city.  This novel is a fun mix of adventure and drama, and has a great cast of characters working together to stop a creeping evil. Great writing and intricate world building will have you racing through this book.

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