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“The Revolution of Marina M.” – Janet Fitch

From the bestselling author of “White Oleander” and “Paint it Black”, Janet Fitch’s latest book “The Revolution of Marina M.” starts in 1916 at the birth of the Russian revolution.  Marina, the main character, is 16 years old, from a bourgeois family and embrace the revolution as a way to break free from the constraints of her life, and to try her voice as a revolutionary poet.

As her country goes through a difficult period of political and social revolution, Marina’s own coming of age is full of hardships.  She falls further and further into danger and poverty.  She learns what it means to be dirty and hungry, and to have no home.  She moves to various places, meets many people, some that will love and help her, others that will hurt her.  But Marina is strong-headed and determined to survive it all.

This epic historical fiction has everything that makes a book successful : romance, sex, adventure, poetry, and some tumultuous time in history.

I have to admit that at first I got intimidated by it’s 817 pages.  But once started, I couldn’t put it down.  As I near the end, only 3 years in the life of Marina (now 19 years old), I kept asking myself how would the author ends this book.

Well the answer was “End of book 1”.

To my joy, book 2 is out, “Chimes of a Lost Cathedral” and starts right where book 1 ends.

I definitely recommends both books to historical fiction readers, and especially to those who like Russian classic literature with many characters and places.

Click here to find “The Revolution of Marina M.” in our catalog.

Click here to find “Chimes of a Lost Cathedral” in our catalog.

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