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“Calypso” by David Sedaris

“With a filet I would recommend a red. Something bold and dry, like David Sedaris.” Craig (Parks and Recreation)

Hailed for his wry wit and keen sense of observation, David Sedaris’ talents are nowhere more on display than in Calypso, a collection of short stories about his life and times. Whether discussing his sister’s suicide, the days he spends picking up garbage on the side of the road, or the insurmountable current political divide, Sedaris has a way of both highlighting their gravitas, and commenting on their subtle intricacies. In typical fashion, Sedaris walks the fine line between amusingly absurd and disturbingly relatable.

Darkly hilarious; Calypso might just be my favorite David Sedaris work. Few books have made me laugh aloud as much as this collection. Few books have also made me cry as much, reflect as much, or want to buy a beach house in the Carolina’s as much so that I can spend endless weekends with a dysfunctional family.

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Sedaris also narrates his own audiobooks which adds a wonderful level of kookiness.

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