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“Penric’s Progress” by Lois McMaster Bujold

In the World of the Five Gods, many people heed a calling to serve their chosen god; but for Penric, joining The Bastard’s Order is a choice made for him when a demon jumps into his body on the way to his betrothal celebration.  This comes as a surprise to Pen, and everybody else, and he soon learns that his carefully planned life is irrevocably changed.  Soon he is speaking with the demon, Desdemona, inside his mind and learning about the many astonishing feats of magic he can now accomplish with her help. He also learns that he has no choice but to play a part in the complicated politics of his world, and that he will need to find a way to protect himself in this strange new life.  Penric and Desdemona are an intriguing pair who will engage you from the start and take you along for a wonderful adventure; enjoy this collection of three novellas about this fantastic duo, and be sure to come back for the second collection, Penric’s Travels, when it is released in May. Or, enjoy the audio books read by Grover Gardner, available from Hoopla!

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