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Joy at Work and how to find your next Non-Fiction read

Joy at Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein

Joy at Work, which will be published on April 7th, brings Marie Kondo’s life changing art to the workplace. This book was co-written with Scott Sonenshein and I was worried that it would read as two different voices. I found this to not be the case – the book flows and the voices of the two authors blend together well.

I have read Marie Kondo’s other books and was pleasantly surprised by the ways her method could be extended to work beyond the obvious physical tidying of things. The two authors break down tidying into categories, walk you through them and give examples from clients. Topics covered include tidying the workspace, digital work, time management, decision making, network, meetings, and teams. People with office jobs will likely find this advice most applicable.

‘So, I read Joy at Work and want to find other books like this. What do I do now? Open Novelist?’ Great question! Novelist is a wonderful resource for finding your next Fiction read. Joy at Work is classified as Non-Fiction which means we need to use different ways to find similar titles. One of the easiest ways to find other Non-Fiction books on a similar topic is to look at the spine and find the Dewey Decimal Number (in library speak ‘call number’). Next, go to the virtual (or physical) shelf and browse similar numbers. If you want to try this right now, open up the Haverhill Public Library catalog and search ‘Joy at Work’. While this book doesn’t have a call number yet, other books located in the 650s which combine the topics of work and joy come up.

While you can search for print and e-resources in our library catalog, some of you might want to go straight to the source and use the Overdrive or Libby app to find things you can read from home. All you need is your library card number! If you would like to try out either app and need help, please reach out to the Reference Staff at reference@haverhillpl.org . We can help you out via email or, if you prefer, we can set up a time to go over the process with you over the phone. Can’t find your library card number? Email us, and we will help you out.

Another couple of sites you can check out on your own are Goodreads and Amazon. Both sites have reviews and suggestions of other similar titles. Neither site is associated with the Haverhill Public Library.

Check back next week for another Non-Fiction book review!

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