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The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

“It all happened so slowly, yet so extraordinarily quickly, the change to our parents, to our home, to our lives after they arrive.”


The Family Upstairs is an atmospheric telling of a psychological trauma as experienced by its main characters. Three points of view are slowly drawn together allowing the reader to piece together the particular perspectives of past and present with Jewell revealing just enough to answer the big questions.  As the story begins, Libby Jones has just received a surprise for her 25th birthday.  She has inherited a huge house in the fashionable and trendy Chelsea neighborhood of Southwest London. The house has been abandoned and fallen into disrepair but is still valuable. We learn that Libby was adopted as an infant and had a conventional childhood.  With the news of this inheritance, she now feels the need to solve the mystery of her birth parents. Why was she abandoned and why is she now inheriting this piece of property? The answers to these questions come slowly to Libby. The reader is taken back in time to learn the story of what had happened 25 years before. We meet siblings Lucy and Henry and of the events that lead to their separation. What is their connection to the present day and to Libby?  This is an imaginative tale of family dysfunction with quietly creepy overtones.  I couldn’t put it down.

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