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The Trespasser by Tana French

Tana French has written several novels featuring the fictitious Dublin Murder Squad. Each book has as its main protagonist a character from a previous book in the series, with other characters recurring in minor parts. However, with this one, The Trespasser, French has continued the story of the Murder Squad team of Antoinette Conway and Stephen Moran from the previous book, The Secret Place. It is a few months later, Conway and Moran having been working what they refer to as ”routine domestics” where little imagination is needed to solve the case. They are assigned to what again seems to be an “open and shut” case of a woman found dead in her apartment. The crime scene shows that she was getting ready for a romantic dinner with her boyfriend, Rory Fallon, a bookstore owner. But was it an accident or murder? Senior Detective Breslin joins Conway and Moran in the inquiry. However, Conway is skeptical of Breslin’s relentless push to pin the crime on the boyfriend with what is at best circumstantial evidence and with no clear motive. As the case evolves more questions are raised and increasingly Conway becomes suspicious of everyone involved, including her partner, Moran.
French has once again delivered an ingenious plot with complicated and multi-dimensional characters. Just when you think you know where the trail is going to lead, French introduces a twist that leads you down another path. As with all of Tana French’s novels, assume nothing. You will not be disappointed.

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