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Snapdragon by Kat Leyh

Snapdragon, “Snap” for short, is the heroine of this colorful graphic novel. Snap lives in a small town, and rumor has it that a witch lives in the woods. When Snap befriends the witch, she learns that she is simply an old hermit. Their fateful encounter ends up changing both their lives in dramatic ways.

Every frame in this graphic novel serves to not only advance the plot but deepen our relationship to the characters. Snap sees the world as many children her age do: as rich with wonder and possibility. Jacks, the witch of the woods, is a jaded old woman who has experienced life and heartbreak. The two meet in the middle and enrich their lives as a result.

All main characters are queer, non-white, or both, providing much needed representation in the youth fantasy genre. One memorable secondary character is Snap’s best friend, Lulu. Born Louis, Lulu begins wearing skirts and nail polish and accepting their gender identity throughout the story. These characters exist in a world that is simultaneously mundane and magical. The plot takes an unexpected turn in the second act that kept me riveted to the story.

Leyh’s artwork is lush and rich with detail. Characters have a fresh style. Homes look lived in. Magic feels real. In Snapdragon exists a world the reader can return to and characters worth aspiring to. This book is a 21st century fantasy masterpiece. To reserve a copy of Snapdragon, click here.

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